Welcome to Hmong Christian Institute (HCI)

 Developing Believers into Workers (2 Timothy 2:2)

Hmong Christian Institute (formerly CLA) of the Hmong District exist to provide resources and training for individuals who hears the call to serve.  We emphasize the practical skills needed to minister effectively to both the U.S. and oversea.  HCI seeks to contextualize the resources to meet the needs of each culture. (READ MORE...)


1. Online Book Order (Click Here)

TEE & MSP students can now order books and guides from our online store.

2. Pay MSP Tuition Schedule (Click Here)

MSP students can now pay for their tuition online.

3. New Student Applications

New prospective students may download this form to start the process.  New students will still need to adhere to requirements.  Please ask your local pastor or center leader for more information.

4. MSP Graduation Material Order

5. Online Study (Coming Soon...)

6. MSP Course Descriptions (Coming Soon...)

7. Hmong District Scholarship Program (Click here for application)