2017 Pastoral Retreat

Note: DS stated in the video that ending date is the 27th.  Correct date is Friday the 28th (We will have morning service, then end the conference).


Horizon Village & Resort

Hotel address: 200 M.7 Chiang Mai-Doi Saket Road,-Tumbon Cheng Do, Chiang Mai, Thailand


1. Pastoral Retreat (July 23-28, 2017)  This will be held at the Horizon Village & Resort

2. Mission trip (July 29-August 4, 2017) Choice of Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, China, or Myanmar

GENERAL INFORMATION (Please read before you register)


a. Couple $600 ($300 for food, $300 for hotel room).  This will also apply to those single pastors who choose to room with another single pastor (Hmong District will assign a roommate with your approval).

b. Single Only $450 ($150 for food, $300 for hotel room).  This will apply to the single pastor who do not want to share a room.

2. MISSION TRIP COST (A mission trip is not required, but strongly encouraged)

a. Couple $400 (this will cover hotel and food only).  Travel and visa cost will be extra (Be prepare to pay, cost will vary as to which country you choose)

b. Single $250 (This cover hotel and food only).  Travel and visa cost will be extra.  Single may be subject to share hotel room at the direction of the coordinator.

3. If you are a US citizen, please make sure you have a passport and your passport is valid before you make travel arrangements.

4. If you are not a US citizen and still want to go, you will need to apply for a re-entry permit with US Immigration (you will also need to apply for a Thailand visa and visa for other countries you want to visit).  This may take time, so start now.

5. Medical suggestions.  Please check with your local doctor for more advise.  Some medicine or shots may be recommended (e.g. Typhoid, Hepatitis A, B, C) Note: Typhoid shot, we suggest you get this one month before the trip.  Two weeks before the trip at the latest.

6. Registration Deadline is May 31, 2017 (Note: Only a partial refund will be given after May 31, 2017)

7. Travel Recommendations (Pastoral Conference will be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  You can buy direct flights to Chiang Mai, but it will cost more.  We have local people in Bangkok that can purchase local domestic flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai at a lower cost).  More information can be provided as needed.

BANGKOK CONTACT: Xf. Ntxoov Eliyah Vaaj +66 878396619  Email: prateepwang@yahoo.com

CHIANG MAI CONTACT: Xh. Txhiaj Sawm Yaj +08 019057730 Email: prasertyang7@gmail.com

If Calling from US phone:  011 66 53 801905773 (Xh. Txhiaj Sawm)

Kx. Txawj Pes Vaj might be able to assist: 0861165523 (for us phone dial 011 66 53 first)

8. Health Travel Insurance (Please check with your church to see if you are covered for abroad travel, if not, you need to buy health & travel insurance for travel abroad)

9. The Pastoral Retreat & Mission Trip is also open to the guest of each pastor (Pastors who register guest will be responsible for them).  If you need more detail on this, please contact DS.