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Set Free From Your Past

Posted on 4/1/2020 by

As long as I can remember, my parents faithfully taught me about the dangers of sin and evil. They read the Bible to my siblings and I and faithfully prayed for and with us. I was taken to church weekly and learned many things about God. One of the most significant things I learned at church was that I needed to be holy because God is holy. From that point on, I desired to live a holy life; however, not having a full understanding of how to do so, I often mimicked what I saw other Christians doing without having any clarity about why I was doing it. I tried to incorporate Christian activities into my life, such as praying and reading my Bible, but only did so with the intent to avoid God’s punishment. Even though I often did not understand what I was doing or why, I felt good about myself as a believer and thought I was on the right track.

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Set Free From Fear, Shame, and Pride

Posted on 3/2/2020 by

I grew up in a shame and honor-based culture where my behavior and life style would define who I was. I also believed I needed to prove to myself and to others my worth. Growing up, my identity was wrapped around being a middle child who had to compete to be seen and gain approval. It wasn't until the gospel transformed me from the inside out that I realized I was a child of God already and did not have to work so hard to strive to live for myself and others because what was given to me was given freely.

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God's Perfect Love

Posted on 1/27/2020 by

When I met my husband, I knew he was called to serve God at a young age. When we courted, I naively told him we could go serve in full time ministry once we married. However, when we got married, the hardship of marriage and life made me renounce my agreement. I felt so condemned and unworthy to serve God.

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Set Free From Anxiety

Posted on 1/20/2020 by

Have you ever experienced having restless nights, feeling on edge and weary, being full of fear, crying more easily than your usual, being consumed of nervousness and struggling to fully trust in the Lord Jesus with the worries of your life? I have felt these exact feelings more so in my life in the last few months than ever before. Since this past summer, I have felt so much anxiety that it has started to affect me as a person. The consuming feeling of anxiety is one of the most uncomforting feelings ever.

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Posted on 12/4/2019 by

Kuv yog ib tug ntxhais uas ntshai dab thiab neeg tuag heev. Peb tuaj nyob rau lub yeej thojnam tawgrog Nongkhai Refugee Camp, Thailand thaum xyoo 1976. Lub sijhawm cov Hmoob tsis tau paub Vajtswv tuag mas lawv cov qeej thiab lub nruas nrov ua rau kuv ntshai heev. Tus laus los tuag, tus menyuam yaus los tuag. Peb lub tsev nyob thiab pw yog muab ntaub thaiv thiab kem xwb. Tej thaum lawv ua ntees ze ntawm peb cov chawpw li ntawm 5 dag xwb. Lub siab tshee nyho vim Hmoob quaj thiab nyiav lawv tus tuag, ua rau kuv txias siab tshaj plaws. Txawm yuav no thiab sov npaum li cas los kuv yeej mus pw hauv kuv niam lub qhovtso thiab vov pam tobhau ib hmos.

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District Executive Team Meeting in Thornton, CO

Posted on 11/7/2019 by

The District Executive Team conducted our fall meeting in Thornton, CO. We welcomed our new team members as we join together to plan for Alliance Women's Ministries of Hmong District for 2020.

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True Beauty

Posted on 8/6/2019 by

You are too small, too big...too skinny...too tall. You have too much make-up on. You are too pale without make-up. You are not educated enough. You are too educated. You need to wear better fashion. You are overly fashioned. And the list goes on. We tell these lies to ourselves or allow others to whisper them into our thoughts. These thoughts at times dictate what we define as being beautiful.

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Letter from our Director

Posted on 7/24/2019 by

Fwm txug ib tsoom vivncaug txhua tug ntawm txhua pawg namtsev. Kuv ruaj sab hastas txhua tug nojqaab nyobzoo, hab suavdlawg rov moog tsev lawm los tseem kub sab lug ua Vaajtswv dlejnum khov kho lawvle 1 Xamuyees 12:24a, “... noog tug Tswv lug hab ua Nwg dlejnum kuas kawg sab kawg ntsws.” Kuv zoo sab heev, kws tau ntsib cov thawjcoj ntawm cov pawg namtsev, cov tuaj sawvcev lossis tuaj tshwjxeeb nrug rua cov nam xwbfwb thaus rooj saablaaj. Rooj saablaaj xaus tau ob lub limtam nuav, kuv ncu mej suavdlawg hab ncu ntsoov suavdlawg rua kev thov Vaajtswv. Ua tsaug rua txhua tug kws tuaj koom rooj saablaaj. Txawm yog cov tuaj tsi tau los ua tsaug rua mej txuj kev thov Vaajtswv, lub rooj saablaaj txhaj le tav moog rua qhov zoo.

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AW Assistant Director for 2019-2020

Posted on 7/22/2019 by

In case you may not have heard, Nkx. Suav Yaj, whom have been our interim AW Assistant Director from Jan. 2019 - July 2019 has resigned due to expecting twins! We are sad to see her leave for she has brought many contributions to the team, however also share joy in the blessings God has given them. To replace her, Nkx. Ntsum Thaiv Vaj from Merced, CA has been appointed. Get to know our new AW Assistant Director, hear from her directly.

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AWM Media for 2019-2021

Posted on 7/9/2019 by

Meet our new AWM Media from Lompoc, CA. Hear from her directly.

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