The Alliance Women Ministries of The Hmong District is so blessed to have so many local Alliance Women groups. Because we want everyone to know each other, this page will feature local AW groups.  Let's get to know each other on a different level by highlighting our local AW groups throughout the country.  

If you would like to feature your local AW group or leadership team, please email the Media at

Twin Cities Hmong Alliance Church, Maplewood, Minnesota

2. Our leadership team/Cov tsaavxwm:

            1. Niam Tsav Yim Vaj, Legal Name: Nina Vang (Thawj Niamtsev)

            2. Niam Num Suav Mouacheupao, Legal Name: Sy Vang (Lwm Thawj Niamtsev)

            3. Niam Thaiv Muas, Legal Name: Pa Kou Chang (Secretary)

            4. Niam Nom Yeej Yaj, Legal Name: Mai Yang (Treasurer)

            5. Niam Steve Mouacheupao, Legal Name: Samanntha Mouacheupao (Fellowship)

            6. Niam Tswv Yim Leej Vaj, Legal Name: Vanessa Vang (Discipleship)

            7. Niam Vam Nruas Xyooj, Legal Name: Blia Lee (Outreach)

            8. Niam Meej Xyooj, Legal Name: Lisa Xiong (Mission)

            9. Niam Vam Ntxawg Lauj, Legal Name: Pa Moua (Prayer)

            10. Nxf. Tswv Hlaus Yaj, Legal Name: Youa K. Yang (Senior Pastor’s wife - Advisor)

            11. Nxf. Suav Yaj, Legal Name: Pakou Vang (Youth Pastor’s wife – Advisor)


3. Our goals this year/ cov homphiaj xyoo no:

            1. 5K walk to fundraise fund to support the National Great Commission Women

            2. Two Field Trips for our local women ministry (Picnic and Fee my starving children)

3. Xav coj thiab txhawb kom tau ib pab niamtsev mus koom lub 2Gether Conference in Milwaukee, WI on October 13-14, 2017.



4. The women we minister:


We are having total of 79 women. We have three age groups:

1st group: Seniors over 60 years old

2nd group: Middle age group 25 to 59

3rd group: Young women 18 to 25


Peb cov niamtsev middle age group coob dua. Tiamsi peb yeej normally reach out and include all women in all ages in our events or any gathering like prayer events, workshops, fieldtrips and any fundraising events. One of the special activity that we going to do with the younger girls and younger women this year is to fee my starving children. Also what we did to engage the younger women or girls in our women ministry in the past, we asked our active women to encourage and bring their daughters-in-law or younger daughters to our events.



5. Our prayer requests/paab thov Vaajtswv rua:

Thov Vajtswv kom sawvdaws muaj kev koomtes thiab tsis txhob qaugzog rau kev ua Vajtswv li dejnum.