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Upcoming Events

COME Conference

Tuaj...ntawm lub qhov tshij (Yauhaas 4:14)

We live in a world that values perfection and beauty. We may feel ashamed of our brokeness and flaws. But just like the woman whom met Jesus at the well, there is a message of HOPE, TRUTH, and PURPOSE for you. This is a conference you don't want to miss. Gather the women in your life (sisters, mothers, friends) and spread the word. Commit this year to attend a women's conference. Come as you are. 

This conference is hosted by Alliance Women Ministries of the Hmong District. This event is free.

April 26-27 in Auburn, GA (PDF)
August 16-17 in Kansas City, KS (PDF)

FRIDAY / 6:00PM - 9:00PM
SATURDAY / 8:00AM - 9:00PM

N. Kx. Tswv Txos Thoj

"I am Worthy"
"I am Free"
"My New Normal"
"My New Challenge"

Grow & Invest Seminar

Continuing our series in 2018, we will be hosting several more Leadership Seminars in 2019. We believe so strongly in the message of this Seminar that we are going to even more new regions for 2019. We hope you and your church will attend. This seminar is about Mentorship.  Below you will find the dates for our next Grow & Invest Seminars for 2019. 

This seminar is hosted by Alliance Women Ministries of the Hmong District. This event is open and free to everyone.

March 15-16 in Seattle, WA (PDF)
April 5-6 in Providence, RI (PDF)
May 24-25 in Owasso, OK (PDF)
September 27-28 in Denver, CO
October 11-12 in St. Paul, MN
November 15-16 in Anchorage, AK