APP is currently down.  We are not making enough sales to maintain the app, so we have decide not to re-new our subscription.  We are looking into making this into a free app with the approval of DEXCOM.


1. Make sure your Apple Account is set up

2. Go to App Store and search:'Cov Ntseeg Yexus Phoo Nkauj' -Blue Hmong or 'Cov Ntseeg Yexus Phau Nkauj' -White Hmong


3. The cost is $9.99 (one-time, all upgrades will be free)

4. FEATURES: You will be able to scroll or search for songs, audio singing of the song is also available.


If you have any questions, please contact Media Department at: or 303-252-1793 X112

SORRY they Hymnal is not available for the Android platform yet.