Sorry, the APP is currently down.  We are not making enough sales to maintain the app, so we have decide not to re-new our subscription.  We are looking into making this into a free app with the approval of DEXCOM.


1. Make sure your Apple Account is set up

2. Go to App Store and search:'Cov Ntseeg Yexus Phoo Nkauj' -Blue Hmong or 'Cov Ntseeg Yexus Phau Nkauj' -White Hmong


3. The cost is $9.99 (one-time, all upgrades will be free)

4. FEATURES: You will be able to scroll or search for songs, audio singing of the song is also available.

The Hymnal is not available for the Android platform yet.

If you have any questions, please contact Media Department at: or 303-252-1793 X112