We're pleased to announce that Hmong District Hymnal App (iOS Version) is back on sale on Apple App Store. Thank you to DEXCOM for approving the Hymnal App and especially BIG THANKS to Laura Moua (N. Yaosoua) and Yaosoua Moua for updating the iOS Hymnal App. 

We understand that some of you have already purchased the app in the past. We're sorry that it was discontinued a few years ago. We're thankful that our DEXCOM has approved the new updated version to be sold for only $1.99. For this, we ask that you purchase this affordable and latest version for your iPhone. 

We're still working on an Android version which will be announce once it is available for purchase.

We're excited about relaunching this Hymnal App and the direction Hmong District is taking in terms of developing digital contents and making them accessible for our churches and Hmong Christians around the world.


1. Create your Apple Account.

2. Go to Apple App Store and search:'Cov Ntseeg Yexus Phoo Nkauj' -Blue Hmong or 'Cov Ntseeg Yexus Phau Nkauj' -White Hmong


3. The cost is $1.99 (one-time, all upgrades will be free)

4. FEATURES: You will be able to scroll or search for songs, audio singing of the song is also available.

If you have any questions, please contact Kao Chang, Media Department at: media@hmongdistrict.org or 303-252-1793 X112