Welcome to the ministry of prayer.  Hmong District calls upon the members of the churches to join in praying for each other.

1. You can submit a prayer request.  Prayer request will be reviewed by the webmaster and will be posted up for prayer as deem appropriate.

2. Prayer Warriors, please click the link below to access the prayer request page.

3. Answered prayers and testimonies will be posted for edification and glorification of God (link below)

Please send your prayer request to: media@hmongdistrict.org


Name: Ntshab Suav Yaaj from Des Moines 

Please pray for my daughter. Nam Robert Haam (Npawv) nyob Warren, MI mob stage 4 cancer.  Muaj tumor nyob rua ntawm taubhau hab mob moog rua ntawm nwg lub sab hab tug txhaa caajqaum.  Thov suavdlawg nrug thov Vaajtswv paab rua nwg.