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1. Missional Pastor
Green Bay Hmong Alliance Church is looking for a Missional Pastor to lead their church in mission and outreach. If you're interested please contact Kx. Paaj Nquab Hawj at 559-281-3779 or email him at pres.hd@gmail.com

2. Ministerial Internship

New Life Hmong Alliance Church in Brookline, Missouri has an internship opening. This is a great opportunity for future pastors and church leaders who wish to serve in pastoral ministry.  If you're interested please contact New Life Hmong Alliance Church at newlifehmongalliance2004@gmail.com or call 901-235-5200. See Job Description

3. Intern Summer Youth Pastor

Hmong Faith Alliance Church in LaCross, WI is looking for Summer Intern Youth Pastor during the 2020 Summer. If you're interested please contact: Dr. Xeev Neeb Hawj at drxeev09@gmail.com or call 303-518-0075. See Job Description

4. French Guiana Short-Term Ministry

Short-term Youth Ministry is available at  Hmong Evengelical Church of Javouhey, French Guiana, South America. If you're interested please contact Rev. Wang Chao Lee (Kx. Vaam Choj) for more information at (303)946-1138 or via email at cla@hmongdistrict.org

Note: All ministry positions posted here are for applicants to contact the local church for more information only. All pastoral positions are placed by the Hmong District Office. Please contact DS for details at ds@hmongdistrict.org