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1. Part-Time Youth and Single Adult Pastor

Alliance Community Church in Georgia is looking for an assistant pastor that would mainly minister to our singles (youth and adults). It is a part time job. If anyone would like more information please call Kx. Cawjfajyim Charand at 678-357-0223

2. Part-Time Senior Pastor

The Hmong-American Harvest Church in Fresno, California, is currently seeking a part-time senior pastor. Please See Job Description for details. 

3. Senior Pastor

The New Vine Alliance Church in Banning, CA is seeking a Senior Pastor to shepherd their church. Interested candidate please contact Kl. Ntsuab Zeb Yaaj at (951)378-9856. See Job Description.

4. Youth Pastor

Grace Hmong Alliance in Milwaukee, WI is currently seek a Youth Pastor. If you're interested please contact Rev. John Yang (Kx. Yuhaas) at (262)895-5512 for more information.

5. Part-Time Pastor

Christian Fellowship Church in Wausau, WI is looking for a Part-Time Pastor. If you're interested please contact Mary Thao(N. Txawj Yeej Thoj) at (612)345-2697 or via email at marythaowausau@gmail.com

6. Youth Pastor

Owasso Hmong Alliance Church in Owasso, OK is seeking a Youth Pastor. If you're interested please contact Pastor Shong Vue Lor at 918-730-2773

7. French Guiana Short-Term Ministry

Short-term Youth Ministry is available at  Hmong Evengelical Church of Javouhey, French Guiana, South America. If you're interested please contact Rev. Wang Chao Lee (Kx. Vaam Choj) for more information at (303)946-1138 or via email at cla@hmongdistrict.org

Note: All ministry positions posted here are for applicants to contact the local church for more information only. All pastoral positions are placed by the Hmong District Office. Please contact DS for details at ds@hmongdistrict.org