Serving with the Hmong District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance

If you wishes to serve God in a local church of the Hmong District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, please contact the Hmong District Superintendent in the email provided below. If you're already a Licensed Pastor or a Bible College Graduate or a MSP Graduate without a license, you may send your resume as well. This will help the District Superintendent know where you are and place you in the proper process for service opportunities. 

When a person is accredited either by the National Office, other districts, or the Hmong District, it doesn't mean the person can automatically becomes a pastor anywhere without proper placement. He needs to be called by a local church and appointed by the District Superintendent in order to be a pastor of a local church. A person may not contact a local church directly to apply for a licensed pastoral position. All pastoral positions are placed at the Hmong District Office. The District Superintendent can be reached at (303) 252-1793 or email: