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Leadership Team

Blue to Cream Gradient

Dr. Shahlahng Herr

 (Dr. Ntxoov Laaj Hawj)

CM Director

He is passionate about Christ and His church.  He has been serving as a pastor for the last 25 years.  He served on DEXCOM and the Youth Leadership Team of the Hmong District for many years.  He graduated from Crown in 1993 with a BA in Missions and in 2008 with a MA in Church Leadership.  He obtained his doctorate from Anderson University in Anderson, South Carolina, focusing on Biblical Preaching.  He had served in 4 different churches and had been training leaders and speaking throughout many churches across the US and Oversees.

Blue to Cream Gradient

Rev. Jerry Her

(Kx. Nchaiv Txoov Hawj)

Lead Pastor

He has been a pastor for 20 years, serving in the same church--Family Alliance Church.  It began with only 17 families, but now they have around 124 families in their congregation.  He received his BA in Biblical Literature from Simpson University in 1988 and attended California State University in Fresno and National University as part of his post graduate study in counseling.  He loves the LORD and is passionate about Theology.   He also serves as a member of the Hmong District's Licensing & Ordination Committee. He resides in Fresno, CA.

Blue to Cream Gradient

Rev. Wang Chou Xiong

(Kx. Vaam Txus Xyooj)

Lead Pastor

Rev. Xiong has been a pastor in the Hmong District since 1994.  He served as a youth pastor in Appleton, WI, then became the full-time lead pastor of the church in January 2004.  He has invested 20 years in that same church.  He has served on DEXCOM for many terms and is a leader in the Hmong District.  He is gifted in the areas of leadership, teaching, encouraging and administration.  He graduated from Crown in 1993 with a BA in Biblical and Theological Studies and again in 2014 with a MA in Organizational Leadership. 

Blue to Cream Gradient

Rev. Paul Yang

(Kx. Txoos Foom Yaj)

English Speaking Pastor

Born into animism, raised as an atheist, redeemed as a follower of Jesus Christ, and revived to preach the gospel.  Chonfong is passionate about raising up a generation who will stand firm on the Word of God.  He wants to empower the next generation to be faithful to the Word and share the gospel to the ends of the earth.  He is currently serving at Hmong New Hope Alliance in Georgia as the English/ Associate  pastor.  He is a member of the Hmong District's DEXCOM and was the Hmong District's Men's Ministry President.  He received his BA from Toccoa Falls College and his MBA at Walden University.