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Workshop Presenters 


Rev. Paul Yang

Lead Pastor - Compassion Chapel, MN

Practical Strategies for Sharing the Gospel

Rev. Chonfong (Txoos Foom) Paul Yang was born into animism and raised as an atheist, but has been redeemed as a follower of Jesus Christ, and is revived by the Holy Spirit to preach and share the Gospel. He currently serves as the Lead Pastor at Compassion Chapel in Maplewood, MN, and as the Area Director for Hmong District’s Area 4 of Ministry, overseeing 14 churches in Minnesota. He also serves on the leadership team for Hmong District’s Church Ministry by providing coaching, mentorship, and other areas of ministry need. He is passionate about raising a generation who will stand firm on the Word of God and engage the lost. He has been married to his wife, Ly, for 34 years, and together they have 5 children (4 daughters and 1 son) and 4 grandchildren, who love Jesus.


As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to be a light, to share the Gospel, and to invite people to follow Him. God’s Word calls us to “always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have” (1 Peter 3:15, NIV) — especially in these days of uncertainty. The workshop, “Practical Strategies for Sharing the Gospel,” aims to equip us with basic fundamental skills to engage with our culture, to cultivate relationships with the unreached, and to share the gospel with every man, woman, and child.


Rev. Jimmy Yang

Lead Pastor - City On A Hill, MI

Creating Evangelistic Opportunities



Mission Logo.jpg

Mission Team

HKM Mission Mobilization Team

Serving Communities: Loving the Least of These-
Marginalized People Groups



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Leah Broach

Director of Alliance Youth, C&MA National Office

Reaching Young Families, Keeping Young Families

Leah is a writer and speaker and serves as the National Director for Alliance Kids. She lives in Ohio with her husband, two sons, and a misfit golden doodle. Leah writes and speaks primarily about faith, and she believes in the power of story to connect humanity, influence positive action, and transform relationships. 


In this session, we will discuss key strategies for outreach to young families and the long-term ministry support that helps them stay. Together, we will build strategies that include outreach, evangelism, discipleship, and multiplication. 


Rev. Cawjfajyim Charand

Lead Pastor - Alliance Community Church, GA

Missional Living

I have been married for 22 years to Ka. We have 5 children: Hadassah, Ruth, Tabitha, Phoebe and Huios. We live in Georgia and are pastoring at Alliance Community Church.


Many times, when we think of missions, we think overseas – Asia, Africa, South America, etc. But there are many unreached people near us – our family, our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers, etc. What is God's calling for us when it comes to missional living? How can we live out this mission?


Dr. Steven Her

Former DS & Missionary/Sr. Pastor Hmong Faith Alliance Church, La Crosse, WI

An Emic Perspective Evangelism

Steven X. Her graduated from Toccoa Falls College with BA in missions and minor in church growth, M.Div from Western Concervative Baptist Seminary in cross-culture study, and D.Miss in the contextualization of the gospel message to Hmong animists. He served ten years as missionary in an acess country where they do not welcome any missionary. However, God led him to communicate the gospel contextually and run a holistic ministry to plant plant thirtyfour churches and built eleven church buildings and one Bible school with the blessing of the people and of the government. This contextualization of the gospel message and holistic ministy do not lose any principle of the Bible but share the gospel contextually in the emic worldview of the people for the message to be heard incarnationally and do the ministry in the social and political platform of the government for blessing. Once a message is heard incarnationally and the ministry is the structure of the government, the defence mechanism disappears by the grace of God.


People in the world have the same layers of worldview but different contents in each layer to select and reject new information. Therefore, the ministry and evangelism of the churches need to be contextualized to make the Gospel message heard incarnationally in the cultures, of different people groups, and governments of the countries to reduce the rate of rejection and resistance. What is said is not necessarily what it is heard, even though faith can only come from hearing and hearing about Jesus (Rom. 10:14-17).

VAAM CHOJ_edited.jpg

Rev. Wang Chao Lee

HCI Director, Hmong District

Seizing Existing Opportunities for Strategic Gospel Presentation

Rev. Wang Chao Lee has served as the director of the Hmong Christian Institute (HCI) of the Hmong District for over 10 years. He is married to Phua Yang. This month, July marks their 35th Wedding Anniversary.  They have 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls.  They both are Crown College alumni.  Rev. Lee’s vision is to see more Christians respond to God’s call for their lives and commit to live for that purpose. “…I must be about my Father’s business.” [KJV} – Luke 2:49


The Christians are committed to living their lives glorifying God and proclaiming Christ. We often pray for opportunities to present the Gospel without realizing there are opportunities in our weekly activities. We should pray more for wisdom to strategize each program to communicate Christ. This workshop will highlight some events we can intentionally gear for outreach purposes. The participants will gain the answers to the WHAT and HOW for some outreach programs.

Paul Huneycutt.png

Paul Huneycutt

Envision Director, C&MA

Serving Community: Reaching the Unreached

Paul Huneycutt, C&MA National Office Envision Director.  Envision is a community of leaders and environments committed to the identification and development of missional leaders. Envision operates 7 domestic and 14 international sites serving communities around the globe.  Envision specializes in ministry to the marginalized and immigrant communities here in the United States.


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