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Workshop Presenters & Resources


Dr. Tswv Txos Thoj

Hmong District Superintent


Dr. Xeev Neeb Hawj

Former DS & Missionary/Sr. Pastor Hmong Faith Allince Church, La Crosse, WI


Kx. Xeev Tuam Thoj

NextGen Ministries Director, HKM

Cultivating a life with Jesus

Cultivating an Understanding of a Hmong Worldview for Ministry

Cultivating a Culture for English Ministry


Dr. Ntxoov Laaj Hawj

Church Ministry Director, HKM


Xh. & N. Xh. Xeem Tij Thoj

Disciple-Making Pastor, SPHAC, MN

Dr. Timothy Vang1.JPG

Dr. Txawj Teev Vaj

Former DS & Sr. Pastor HAAC, Retired

Cultivating Church Vision

Cultivating a Culture for Soulcare

Cultivating a Culture for Peace-Making

Stephanie Xiong.jpg

Stephanie Xiong

COAH, Michigan

Cultivating a Culture for
Special Need Ministry

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