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VISION: To Proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ through all appropriate Media Channels with the hope that those who cross paths with us in the digital realm will be touched by God. 

MISSION: To create and publish media contents through HKM TV Studio and social media outlets such as Website, Facebook, and YouTube to connect and share the Gospel and other ministry activities of the Hmong District to the churches and Christians around the world while providing media and technical supports to the business operations and conferences of the Hmong District.

Multimedia Department Functions

Basic Computer, Network, and IT Support

ACS Technology (Church, Finance, and Conference Management)

Website and Social Media Management

Web and Graphic Design

Digital Contents Management

Marketing and Promotion of Conferences and Events

HKM TV Studio Operation and Management

AV Operation, Livestreaming for HKM TV and Conferences

Video Production

Online HKM TV and Podcast Ministry

Other Responsibilities assigned by DS and DEXCOM

If you have question, suggestion, or ministry partnership ideas, please feel free to contact the Multimedia Department.

Xh. Zam Kao Chang
Multimedia Ministry Director, Hmong District
Office: 303-252-1793 Ext. 114
Cell: 612-220-4727

Ger Vang
Multimedia Assistant, Hmong District
Office: 303-252-1793 Ext. 115
Cell: 414-232-0217

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