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Alliance Church members who do not wish to enroll into College or University but wanted to serve God in the church including becoming a pastor can enroll into the TEE and MSP programs. TEE is considered level 1 and MSP is level 2. Once completed level 1 and 2, the students can seek accreditation with the C&MA and become a pastor. HCI is an academic partner of Crown College and students who completed the MSP program can transfer their credits to Crown College if they wish to pursue a bachelor or master's degree there. Our instructors consist of pastors and individual with academic credentials as well as years of experiences in ministry settings and various academic backgrounds. Many of them held degrees ranging from MA, MDIV, DMIN, and Ph.D. 

If you have further questions about HCI, please feel free to contact Rev. Wang Chao Lee, HCI Director at Hmong District. 


Office:303-252-1793 Ext. 104

Mobile: 303-946-1138


Equiping Believers Multiplying Workers - 2 Timothy 2:2

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