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The Alliance Men Ministry of the Hmong District is an auxiliary ministry established in 1982 by the Hmong District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.  Our main purpose is to provide support to the Hmong District and the men's ministry of the local churches that are part of the Hmong District. Our objective is to revitalize the the men's ministry through prayer, fellowship, leadership and discipleship training, regional events, and mission projects.

Thank you to KB Xiong for recording this awesome song which was written by Kx. Num Nyaj Hawj.

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Your financial donations make a difference in the lives of men and the local men's ministry.  For 2024 the Alliance Men Ministry is still asking that the local men's ministry send 10% of its annual budget.  The funds will be used for regional retreats, regional activities, in-person and online trainings, local ministry support, annual conference, missions and operations. Please send your support at the beginning of the new year so that we will have funding to run the ministry.  Thank you.

You can donate to the Alliance Men online using the following link:

New Alliance Men Logo.png

You can also mail your donations to us at: Alliance Men Ministry 427 Chimney Rock Drive, Ruskin, FL 33570. Please make checks payable to "Hmong District of the C&MA." 

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Biblical manhood is increasingly under attack with efforts to redefine what it means to be a man. Men have been taught that success is his goal and his identity comes from what he owns (houses, cars, etc.), what he does (job, position, titles, etc.), and/or what he controls (power, money, etc.). Most men find their self-worth in their jobs, so when he loses his job, he also loses his self-worth. Some men have lost their ways completely and are absent in the home and in the church.  When children become fatherless and the church without Godly leaders, it brings about negative results. The Alliance Men Ministry understands and sees these gaps and see that there is a need for developing men in their personal commitments to God, their family, and their church. 


To fill in the gap in a man’s life, the Alliance Men Ministry want to make Christ the center of his life.  Intimacy with Christ leads to active involvement in many areas. A man who makes Christ the center of his life is equipped to serve in one or more of the following capacities:

  • Jesus: A Christ-centered man sets priorities and makes decisions based on his relationship with God. His life is characterized by prayer, reading God’s word and worship.

  • Family: A Christ-centered man places a priority on his relationship with his family. His legacy is carried on through his family.

  • Work: A Christ-centered man sees his work as a means toward an end. The workplace is a place where he models Christian values and shares the gospel when opportunities arise.

  • Church: A Christ-centered man has a responsibility to serve his church through his time, talents, and treasure. He serves as part of the local team in advancing Christ’s kingdom.

  • Community, National and International Service: A Christ-centered man’s relationship with Christ will influence his world. This can be through secular or ministry services in the community, disaster relief or short-term mission trips.

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