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The Hmong Study Bible Translation Project is a joint project between the Hmong District of the C&MA and United Bible Society. 

Kx. Tswv Tub Vwj.jpg

Hmong Study Bible Translator

Rev. Tou D. Vue
(Kx. Tswv Tub Vwj)

The purpose of the Hmong Study Bible project is to provide a Hmong Study Bible as a tool to help Hmong people around the world to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Scripture. The main task of this project is to translate the introductions, certain key theological terms, key phrases, key vocabularies, key places, key events, key peoples, and key supportive materials into the Hmong language to assist the readers in their bible knowledge that will lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus.

Project Time Frame:

The project started in August 2021 and it will be complete by December 2026. The Hmong Study Bible will be published and deliver by July 2027.

Bullet Journal
Image by Dan Kiefer

What Books Are Currently Being Work On:

The books that are currently being work on for Spring of 2024 are Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Joshua.

What Books Are Done and  Are Being Proofread:

The books of the bible that has been done and is currently being proofread by the Team are the whole New Testament and the books of Jonah, Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus from the Old Testament.

Assortment of Books


DS copy 1.jpg

Dr. Tswv Txos Thoj

DS, Ex. Officio


Dr. Daniel See

Hmong Study Bible Project Consultant

United Bible Society

Moua, Nou Houa web.png

Kx. Num Huas Muas

Blue Hmong Adaptationer


Kx. Vaam Choj Lis


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N. Kx. Tswv Txos Thoj

White Hmong Proof Reader

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