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In early 1978, the C&MA called a meeting to be held at the Rolling J Ranch in central California. It was attended by twenty-five Hmong pastors and lay leaders coming from many parts of the country. From this initial meeting, the Hmong Field Conference came to existence with 1,525 members. The Field Director was elected and Denver, Colorado, was chosen for the main office. In 1985, the name was changed from Hmong Field Conference to Hmong District of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. In 2018, the Hmong District celebrates its 40th year anniversary with approximately 115 churches and 35,000 plus members scattering throughout the United States.


The Hmong District will be a district to “Advancing Christ Worldwide.” (HKM yuav dhau ua ib lub hauvpaus uas Coj Tau Tswv Yexus Mus Thoob Ntiajteb). The dream is that “We will be a Worldwide and Next Generations Hmong District, a Christ-Centered, family of Acts 1:8 with and for the C&MA.” We will “Advance Christ Worldwide” 


Our ministries focus on church development, leadership training, mission mobilization, bridging nextgen, and equipping our men and women of the district for the kingdom of God. We also partner with others for U.S. and Oversea projects.


The Hmong Community in the United States scattered throughout the country. Hmong District has more than 110 churches and 35,000 plus members which also located throughout the United States. Most of our churches are in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and California where the majority of our people settled. Please see our directory for more details.

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