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With The Hmong District of C&MA

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It is truly an honor to serve God. If you wishes to serve God in a local church of the Hmong District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, please contact the Hmong District Superintendent in the email provided below. If you're already a Licensed Pastor or a Bible College Graduate or a MSP Graduate without a license, you may send your resume as well. This will help the District Superintendent know where you are and place you in the proper process for service opportunities. 

When a person is accredited either by the National Office, other districts, or the Hmong District, it doesn't mean the person can automatically becomes a pastor anywhere without proper placement. He needs to be called by a local church and appointed by the District Superintendent in order to be a pastor of a local church. A person may not contact a local church directly to apply for a licensed pastoral position. All pastoral positions are placed at the Hmong District Office. The District Superintendent can be reached at (303) 252-1793 or email:

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Becoming Licensed with the Hmong District of C&MA


1. Applicants will complete the form and be connected with an experienced Alliance staff member who will help guide their exploration of service within the C&MA.

2. Once approved, applicants will then submit an Application for Ministry and a Doctrinal Questionnaire to the superintendent of the Alliance district in which they seek to serve.

3. Applicants will demonstrate a commitment to the mission, vision, and distinctives of the C&MA and a willingness to submit to constituted C&MA authority.

4. The district superintendent will arrange for an interview with the License, Ordination, and Consecration Committee (LO&CC). Applicants will submit to an oral examination on the doctrinal distinctives, history, and polity of the C&MA as well as other matters that the LO&CC may require.

5. Approved applicants must have completed an Alliance Distinctives and Polity Course; the LO&CC may require additional readings or papers at its discretion.

6. If applicants are not ordained/consecrated, they must agree to work toward ordination/consecration based on the requirements in the Uniform Policy on Ordination and Consecration.

7. Applicants will bear any expense associated with the application process.


Ordination Process with the Hmong District

More information coming soon

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