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Our Current Leadership Team

The Alliance Men Ministry of the Hmong District (Alliance Men) was established in 1982 by the Hmong District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (Hmong District) as an auxiliary ministry to support the Hmong District and the men’s ministry of the local churches. As an auxiliary organization, the Alliance Men is under the authority and direction of the District Executive Committee (DEXCOM) and the District Superintendent (DS) for the Hmong District. The Alliance Men operates in accordance with the Alliance Men policy and the Hmong District Bylaw. In the past the Alliance Men leadership team was elected at the Hmong District Annual Conference. Since 2021 the election process for the leadership team has changed to appointment. With the new process the DS appoints the director for the Alliance Men and the newly appointed director in turn appoints his cabinet members with the approval of the DS. The leadership team serves a two year term. The current leadership team for the Alliance Men are as follows:

Xeem Ntxhw Yaaj, Director
Maplewood, Minnesota

Xeem Ntxhw.jpg

Tshuaj Kaus Vaaj, Secretary
Hemet, California

Kaus Vang.jpg

Nom Thoj , Member at Large
Sacramento, California

Ntxoov Xaab Vaaj, Member at Large
Appleton, Wisconsin

Nom Thoj 2.jpg

Vaam Tibtus Xyooj, Treasurer
Plant City, Florida

Tito Xiong.jpg

Txawj Ntaj Xyooj, Member at Large
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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