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church Leadership certIFICATE (CLC) 

The Church Leadership Certificate (CLC) is a program designed to train church members to obtain the basic knowledge and skill to lead ministries at the local level. It is a 5 courses program that is fully online for 8 weeks including 6 months of practicum sessions; 3 months with the church governing board the student's local church and 3 months with specific ministries of interest of his/her local church, for example, Alliance Men or Alliance Women. Students who have enrolled in the CLC program may begin the practicum session at any time during the year. The registration fee for each course is just $25. Please take advantage of this opportunity to get trained for ministries at your local church. 

Though we encourage you to take the courses in the order listed, you may take any course anytime when it's available, as long as you complete all the required courses for the certificate. 


Step 1: Complete and submit the application
Step 2: Once the application is approved, the student may register for the class

Step 3: The instructor will contact the student for the schedule & course materials
Step 4: Upon completion of the program which includes all 5 courses and the 6  months practicum, students will receive their certificate from HCI at the Hmong District Annual Conference




Understand leadership as taught by scripture and exemplified through biblical characters that impact believers spiritually. 

Understand the purpose God has for the church and what ministry local church must focus to accomplish His purpose

Understand the role of a woman as instructed in scripture and the Alliance Women Leadership and Ministries


Understand the calling and the role of a leader in the church in leading, supporting, and partnering with others for effective ministries.

Understand God's relationship with mankind, God's works, covenants, promises, prophecies, and fulfillments in the Old Testament and New Testament and know God for who He is as revealed through His Word.

Understand the Christian and Missionary Alliance Polity and Doctrine and how we do ministries that fulfill the Great Commission


Understand the Alliance Men history and biblical manhood to develop the vision, mission, and strategies necessary for an effective men's ministry.

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