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Hmong Christian Institute

Of the Hmong District of C&MA 

COURSE:  THE-202: Biblical Theology

INSTRUCTOR:  Rev. Nao Xiong Her (Kx. Nom Xyooj Hawj) 


BIB 202 is a survey of biblical theology and examines the history of redemption and the unfolding of the revelation of God in the Bible. Additionally, analysis examine the major themes found in the bible including knowing and understanding the will of God.


Completing this course, the students will:


  1. Understand the history of biblical theology and its relationship to systematic theology

  2. Understand the plan of redemption as it unfolds

  3. Understand the major themes found in the Bible

  4. Be able to communicate what biblical theology is and understanding God’s plan


  1. Goldsworthy, G. (2001). According to plan: The Unfolding revelation of God in the Bible. Downers Grove: Intervarsity Press.

  2. Roark, Nick & Cline, Robert (2018). Biblical Theology: How the church faithfully teaches the Gospel. Wheaton: Crossway.

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