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Hmong Christian Institute

Of the Hmong District of C&MA 

COURSE:  GOV-101: Alliance Distinctives

INSTRUCTOR:  Rev. Xeng Yang (Kx. Swm Xeeb Yaaj)


GOV 101 is a college-transferable course designed for the advanced students of The Church Leadership Academy of The Hmong District. Prerequisites are basic level graduate, AA degree, or college study experiences. GOV 101 is an approved college transfer course and can be taken for MSP, undergraduate, or graduate credit. Graduate students will complete additional coursework.


At the end of the course students will be able to:


  1. Teach a Sunday school or membership class about the life and ministry of Dr. Albert Benjamin Simpson and the formation of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

  2. Explain the objectives scope, general administration, and methods of support of the Division of Overseas Ministries and develop a plan for missionary education in your local church.

  3. Understand the form of church government the Christian and Missionary Alliance utilizes.

  4. Summarize the basic doctrinal beliefs of The Christian and Missionary Alliance as contained in the "Statement of Faith" and the “Fourfold Gospel.”


In addition, students will have a greater awareness of the work of the Alliance and appreciate the importance of its contributions to world evangelization. Students will be challenged to take up the mission of Dr. Albert Benjamin Simpson


  1. Background of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (Hmong or English version).

  2. Alliance Distinctives and Government (Hmong or English version).

  3. The Four-Fold Gospel (Hmong or English version).

  4. C&MA Constitution (Manual) – download from C&MA website

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