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Hmong Christian Institute

Of the Hmong District of C&MA 

COURSE:  MIN-201: Pastoral Ministry

INSTRUCTOR:  Rev. Wang Chou Xiong (Kx. Vaam Txus Xyooj)


MIN 101 is an approved college transfer course and can be taken for MSP, undergraduate, or graduate credit. This course is an overview of pastoral ministries in a local church including ministry planning, sermon preparations and conducting worship services as well as self-preparation by constant connecting with Christ. The course will also introduce the importance of multi-media and technology in church ministry. 


Individual participating in this course will gain:


  1. A. Knowledge of the historical and cultural background of the Hmong in general.

  2. B. Knowledge of the Hmong World views and Hmong Christian.

  3. C. Understanding of the leadership roles in the Hmong Churches.

  4. D. Practical principles and philosophy for ministry in the Hmong Churches.


  1. A. The Effective Pastor. Robert C. Anderson. Moody Press: 1985 B. Dlejnum Ntawm Tug Xwbfwb. Xeev Ntxawg Xoom. Hmong District: 2003

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