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Hmong Christian Institute

Of the Hmong District of C&MA 

COURSE:  MIN-102: Foundation/Spiritual Formation



MIN 102 explores the processes and goals of spiritual formation in the life of the church members. The student is introduced to historic disciplines and practices of the Christian faith that promote (1) intimacy with God, (2) Christ-likeness in character, and (3) the goal of fostering ongoing personal vitality which is essential for ministering.


  1. The students will be able to formulate and articulate a Biblical theology of discipleship after reading The Three Passions of the Soul. The students will be also understand (1) the purpose of discipleships and (2) how to disciple others.

  2. The students will be able to develop a plan for discipleship. This plan should include (1) the presentation of the gospel, (2) leading a person to accept Christ, and (3) what the person needs to grow in Christian maturity.

  3. The students will be able to disciple one person for four sessions (at least two hours session per session). Prior to the class the students will need to find someone to disciple and submit that person’s name to the instructor.


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