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Hmong Christian Institute

Of the Hmong District of C&MA 

COURSE:  COU-101: Pastoral Counseling

INSTRUCTOR:  Rev. Cher T. Moua (Kx. Txhaj Cawv Muas)


MIN 103 gives students a clearer understanding of pastoral counseling, a brief history review of the major counseling theories and techniques, and the necessary counseling skills for an effective personal and pastoral counseling. Pastoral Counseling is an eight week course


  1. Have a better understanding of counseling world

  2. Improve characteristics as a counselor

  3. Gain counseling skills to enhance the ability to counsel and help others


  1. ​Strategic Pastoral Counseling: A short-term structure model by David G. Benner. 1992. Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, MI.

  2. The Christian Counselor’s Handbook by Pat Robertson. 1987. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc, Wheaton, IL.

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