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Hmong Christian Institute

Of the Hmong District of C&MA 

COURSE:  THE-301: Systematic Theology

INSTRUCTOR:  Rev. Jerry Her (Kx. Nchaiv Txoov Hawj)


THE 301 is a course to guide students in development of a deeper theological framework which enables them to reflect on and interpret their personal study of the Word of God.


  1. Enable students to develop analytical abilities with regard to Scripture and personal Bible study.

  2. Enable students to develop critical thinking processes demonstrated in a personal statement of theological understanding.

  3. Enable students to develop apologetically skills for defense of faith in their culture and ministry situations.


  1. Lectures in Systematic Theology by Henry C. Thiessen-Revised by Vernon D. Doerksen 

  2. A Survey of Bible Doctrine by Charlie C. Ryrie, Moody Publishers, 1989

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