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The Gift of Singleness

The gift of singleness. What does it mean? Are there people who were born with that gift while others aren’t? Does it mean people who have the gift of singleness have less sexual passion than people who don’t have the gift? Where does this gift of singleness derive from? What are the scriptures that support this gift?

I want to spare myself from having to answer the above questions and explain this complicated subject that may only cause further confusion/disagreement among Christians. Rather, I want to stay on the true path of what it (gift of singleness) means to me?

In Galatians 5:22-23, one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit has to do with self-control. For us Christians, the Holy Spirit helps us to control our mind, body and actions for his glory. This means that if I am single, I should yield my singleness to the control of the Holy Spirit so that my body, soul, and mind will be kept holy and pure for the Lord.

Growing up it never crossed my mind that I would be single. I thought that I would grow up and get married just like any girl in this world. I had feelings very much like other girls. I wanted to look beautiful, loved and wanted by men. I had young men that I liked and had young men (and old men) that liked me. I had sexual passion for many of these people too. Despite of all the pressures of a girl, I was able to keep myself pure and holy for God. When I decided to follow Christ in my teenager years, my determination was to live a life that brings glory to His name with no compromise. For whatever reason that I remained single, only God knows. But the fact that I am single today, I am determined to use my singleness for the glory of His Kingdom. I do this by yielding my body, soul and mind to the control of the Holy Spirit daily. Moreover, I yield the extra time that I may have, the extra money I saved, and the extra others that I own to God for His perfect will. I even offer up my sorrows and tears as sweet offerings to God. He continues to enable me to stay on the right path thus far and He has promised to always be with me until I see Him face to face. This is what the gift of singleness means to me.

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