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The Journey of Motherhood

The Journey Began…

As I ponder on writing about motherhood, I am being reminded of Eve.  She was a woman of many firsts as being the second person God created.  She was the first wife.  She was the first to encounter Satan and fall into his trap.  Later on became the very first mother and the mother of all living things as the Bible stated in Genesis 3:20.  Have you ever wondered how Eve got through? I remember before I had my children, I read all the books and articles about pregnancy and being a first time mom, but I still struggled and failed countless times.  I can’t even start to imagine what Eve must have gone through; and yet, you and I are following Eve’s footsteps as we journey through the extraordinary path of motherhood to fulfill one of God’s greatest commandments, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.” ~Genesis 1:28a


An Undeniable Gift from God

Everything in this world pales in comparison to having a life growing inside of you.  It takes you on an adventure that is ever-ending.  As I experience everyday with my three girls and two boys, it is definitely the ultimate roller coaster of love, joy, anticipation, sadness, worries, fear…you name it. It’s everything a woman can ever ask for and more!  Many times,  it makes me question Psalm 127:3 about children being a gift from God.  As I search for meaningful answers, God brings me back to the barren women in the bible who had to plead with God to open their womb. 


The Joy is Real.  There were many incredible women but my favorite was Hannah.  Hannah prayed to God and he answered her and gave her a son.  How joyful she was! The first ten verses in Samuel chapter 2 was Hannah’s prayer praising God for His deliverance. It melts my heart every time I read about Hannah and the many more women who longed to have children in the bible.  It reminds me to genuinely appreciate the gift of motherhood that I was blessed with and didn’t have to go the extra mile.  


The Pain is Real.  The other mother that I am so fond of is Mary the mother of Jesus.  She, on the other hand, was handpicked by God to experience motherhood like no other.  You would think since she was the mother of the Son of God, He would spare her some pain.  In fact, when Jesus was presented in the Temple, a man named Simeon compared Mary’s future pain to that of “a sword piercing through her own soul” (Luke 2:35).  Mary’s experience was definitely unique, but I believe you and I can relate to her even over 2000 years later.  Reflecting back to my early years of being a mom, I remember unselfishly envisioning all these brilliant goals and expectations for my children.  At least that’s what I thought I was doing until my children started going their own ways and making their own decisions the way they were designed to.  My world came crumbling down with disappointment and pain, but then again reading through Mary’s experience helped piece me back together.  Mary went through the darkest hours when Jesus was persecuted, but she was full of joy when Jesus rose up!  The pain is real but waiting to see what God does with it, is definitely worth it!


The Journey is to be Continued…

Being a mom has brought me to a newfound appreciation of my mom.  It opens my eyes to see beyond the indescribable and effortless love my mom is showing me daily.  It brings me to the very core of the heart where everything is felt. God uses the unbreakable bond between a mother and child to mirror the immense and unstoppable love He has for human beings (Isaiah 49:15).  Some of us might not have the chance to experience motherhood, but let us keep in mind that God is the purpose.  Everything is for His own glory!   For those of us who were chosen to walk this journey, consider it pure joy and use this opportunity to showcase God’s unconditional love!  Blessings to all the relentless moms out there!


Ka Ying Kong (N. Kx. Npla Txoov Koo)

Ka Ying (N. Kx. Npla Txoov) Kong is a proud mom of 3 daughters and 2 sons.

Her family resides in Woodbury, Minnesota where

her husband serves as the pastor of Triumph Alliance

Church.  Ka Ying works for St Paul Public Schools as

a teacher.  In her spare time, she enjoys organizing

her home and having quiet moments to ponder.

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