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Alliance Women Ministries is a ministry of the Hmong District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.



We exist to exalt Jesus and complete His Great Commission


We desire to connect women to Jesus, the work of The Alliance and each other

Guiding Principle: Connecting Women for Kingdom Impact.

We desire to connect women:

  • to Jesus through the testimony of His Word in our blog posts,

  • to the work of The Alliance through our projects and publications, and

  • to each other through regional women’s events such as retreats and conferences and through leadership development opportunities


The Alliance Women Ministries (AWM) of the Hmong District was established July 1, 1982.  Within the expansion of forty years, AWM has had eleven District Directors, with some directors serving multiple terms. There were also forty District Leadership Teams including many subcommittees.  Within these forty years, AWM  accomplished many vital ministries in supporting Hmong District. The AWM has also been a great resource in spiritual ministries as well as leadership training for local AWM groups. This  led to much growth.  In addition, AWM had the privilege of reaching out to support other sisters in Christ across the globe.   


District Team

Meet our team. Connect with us. 

Directors (Thawj Niamtsev)

N. Kx. Soob Tsheej Xyooj.jpg

N. Kx. Tsheej Xyooj

(Mai Ge Xiong)


N. Kx. Paj Txhim Muas.jpg

N. Kx. Paj Txhim Muas

(Jou Moua)


N. Ntxhoo Nyaj Yaaj A.png

N. Ntxhoo Nyaj Yaaj

(Ka Yang)



N. Kx. Ntxoov Xeeb Yaaj

(Bla Yang)


N. Ntxhi Pov Thoj.jpg

N. Ntxhi Pov Thoj

(Connie Thao)

1994-2000 and 2018-2021

N. Kx. Tswv Txoj Thoj.JPG

N. Kx. Tswv Txos Thoj

(Omee Thao)

2001-2006 and 2014-2018

N Kx Num Huas Muas_resized.JPG

N. Kx. Num Huas Muas

(Julie Moua)


N. Ntxoov Npis Khaab.jpg

N. Ntxoov Npis Khaab

(May Khang)


N. Fwm Pov Hawj.JPG

N. Fwm Pov Hawj

(Maly Herr)


N. Xeev Pov Xyooj1b.jpg

N. Xeev Pov Xyooj

(Ka Xiong)



N. Kx. Ntsum Thaiv Vaaj

(Pang Vang)



N. Txawj Havi Hawj

(Windie Her)


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