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Meet The Assistant Director: N. Kx. Txawj Pov Vaaj (Chao Vang)


Thank you for visiting! Kuv yog Nkx. Txawj Pov. It is a privilege to serve as Assistant Director/Leadership Coordinator this next year. I look forward to serving alongside and collaborating with many of you in the Alliance Women Ministry and believe that God is doing something exciting in the lives of peb cov namtsev txhua tug!

I am blessed to marry my best friend, Kx. Txawj Pov Vaaj for 23 years and we have four amazing children; Grace, Isaiah, Ezrah, and Micah. Currently, our family is serving as Senior Pastors at Charlotte Hmong Alliance Church in Charlotte, NC. Come visit if you’re ever in town!

When I am not working or serving in the church; I enjoy reading, cleaning, watching HGTV and going on long walks with my family. I have seen and continue to receive the grace of God and pray that He is revealing Himself to you in a very real way today! Ncu ntsoo tas Vaajtswv hlub koj heev hab muaj ib lug homphaj zoo rua koj! God bless!

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