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Meet The Secretary: N. Txawj Havis Hawj (Windie Her)

Windie Her (N. Txawj Havis Hawj) is a passionate servant leader who inspires to believe, encourage and empower all those she encounters. She believes that no matter what capacity you are in, you are a leader and can make a positive change for others.

She has a Masters of Arts in Leadership from Denver Seminary and a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. She has over two decades of experience in the healthcare field in a variety of roles and specialties and has worn many different hats. She’s been a Nightingale nominee, float pool nurse, nurse educator, nurse manager, and currently works as patient experience manager.

She has held multiple roles within her church. The most recent as Thawj Nam Tsev at her home church – Denver Hmong Alliance.

Other than her full time position, her pride and joy is being a full time mother of four and wife to her husband of 17 years.

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